NR4DL - The Ingham ARC

Amateur Radio Class

Amateur Radio, also called Ham Radio, is a hobby like no other. You can talk to the world or become immersed in the cutting edge of technology. The USCGC Ingham has a dedicated Ham Radio station aboard and there will be hands on demonstrations. There is no Morse Code required for any license anymore. That means that you can climb the ladder to the highest license, the Extra Class ticket, by learning just technology, safety and the rules for Ham Radio.

Hams also are involved in public service. This runs the gammit from providing communications for public events to providing essential communications when other means fail. This includes such activities as storm spotting, the local Half-Marathon, or other charitable events.

Free classes are being offered by the Ingham Amateur Radio Club. Classes are three saturdays from 1PM until 4PM and cover the basic license, Technician Class, as well as the General Class that allows for worldwide communication. Dates are November 16, 23 and 30. Tests for the license will be available after the last class. For more information, call Bill Verge at (305) 395-9554 or e-mail him at keyscgcutters AT gmail.

NR4DL, The Ingham Amateur Radio Club

NR4DL is the call assigned to the Ingham ARC. The ship has a full time dedicated Amateur Radio station aboard. The Ingham is the official Coast Guard Memorial Ship and is on the register of National Historic Places. Located on the Historic Truman Waterfront, the Ingham is available for tours. At certain times, licensed amateur operators are allowed to operate from the ship. In order to make arrangements, please contact Bill, KK4INP, keyscgcutters AT gmail.

The USCGC Ingham

Click for more information on the Ingham visit the official Cutter Ingham Museum Web page or the Ingham Wikipedia page. The radio club site is and the NR4DL Amateur Radio Club.

Our Ham Shack

The Ingham ARC has a new, fully equipped Ham shack aboard the ship courtesy of the USCGC Ingham Museum.

In order to maintain the original nature of both the ships Communications Center and the Combat Information Center, the Museum has turned an old workshop into an air conditioned Ham shack with HF and VHF capabilities. For HF, there is an Icom IC-756 Pro II rig, antenna tuner and several antennas to chose from. The VHF station is capable of hitting all of the linked repeaters in the county and thus able to easily communicate from Homestead to Key West.

Ham Class Poster